We are a collective who start with a realization

We realize the utmost critical problems in our country and address them on a broader level.These are the real problems which hinder the sustainable development of India on a global level.
While we are busy in replicating the western business models, we constantly keep on forgetting that still we have lot to get solved .

As true Indian's we feel this as our responsibility to bring awareness about these affairs amongs the crowd and urge for constant involvement of young and enthusiastic brains to get real things done, real problem solved one by one.

Few amongst the pool of problems are :

  • Degrading Education Quality
  • Problems of rigorous unemployment
  • Social and personal life maturity amongst Indian youth
  • Persistent lack of research and development in various science fields

Many more on the list as we keep them discovering

Our Approach :

  • We constantly strive for finding solutions to such problems   and keep on researching about the real pain points of our Indian crowd.

  • Once we are sure that our approach is in a right direction required to conceptualize the solution which is feasible and viable, we try to give it a form.

  • Our all solutions are specifically designed and developed as per the pyscology and sense of comfort of 'We Indians'.

  • We are highly open to suggestions and sincerely believe that an idea ,a thought can fire into anyone's head which can bring a beautiful change aroud us, hence we urge others too, to come up with a solution and also empower them in our full capacity.

Some of the solutions provided by us in form of a wow product can be seen on our product page .

Our vision

To see our country better in each and every aspect and eradicate the problems which become the reason for our slow growth on global level.



Product Name - Skilledgrads

  • A product which aims at imparting Education beyond degree for our fresh graduates.
  • A product which understands the real pain point of having extremely incompetent workforce available for our I.T industry.

We are all geared up and ready to achieve great results via our product

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